Fitness at 59

The gym is a happy place for me. A place to reset, escape, improve, learn, and grow. A place to work hard and then walk out feeling better and stronger than when I walked in. That’s truer at age 59 than ever before.
I consider myself very fortunate. I view working out as a privilege, not a chore. Some of you are probably shaking your heads right now. Many here can relate, I hope.

For me, fitness wasn’t always fun. First, I’m an extremely average athlete. Often enthusiastic, never gifted. A late bloomer. Rarely picked on, but never picked first. Athletics never added much to my self esteem!
For most of my adult life, I was very active, but not very fit. My training lacked consistency and variety. Not enough intensity or intention.

In the last ten years I have cranked it up. Maybe a little too aggressively at times. Wear and tear led to injuries, surgeries, and countless hours of physical therapy. Many of you have been down that path, judging from your DMs.
But I’ve found that setbacks become comebacks. Painful experience equals growth. Rehab can bring purpose and focus to your training and increase your mind/body connection.

After each of my recent surgeries (two shoulders, one knee), I actually emerged stronger than before. I owe huge debts to the physical therapists who guided me and pushed me.

Sure, I wish I had trained smarter, not just harder, in my 20’s and 30’s. It’s always better to start young. Youth is priceless. But I’m here to tell you, it’s quite possible to peak in middle age. And to do so 100% naturally.
It’s never too late to set new priorities and develop new habits. In this space, I hope to offer some ideas, resources, and maybe a little inspiration, whatever your age or fitness level.

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