As a sportscaster at ESPN and ABC for more than three decades, I can’t tell you how many times a week someone asks me, "Fowler! Who you got?" Instead of answering Bama. Or Clemson. Serena. Or Osaka... I can now tell them "I’ve got" a roster of great guests sharing their stories, passions, and life experiences.

This is not a sports podcast. But you’ll recognize many of them from the sports world. Wherever this pod takes us (into humor, wellness, music, travel, who knows?) I think you’ll find the topics intriguing and inspiring. But no politics! So thanks for listening. And here’s who I’ve got…

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Episode #34

Stephen A Smith

Stephen A Smith

A thoughtful, personal, powerful conversation. What has shaped this icon and propelled him to the top of TV sports. And what he wants to conquer next.

Episode #33

The Gen-Z Athlete: A Deeper Understanding

Dr. Kensa Gunter

Bridging the gap to young athletes… what moves and motivates them. Sports Psychologist Dr. Kensa Gunter also reveals elite athletes’ mental wellness tools that can better all of our lives.

Episode #32

My Favorite Manning

Cooper Manning

The #1 Son of football’s Royal Family: COOPER MANNING. Far ranging, funny conversation on the joys and challenges of growing up Manning, as the son and brother of legends and dad to the dynasty’s next…

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