As a sportscaster at ESPN and ABC for more than three decades, I can’t tell you how many times a week someone asks me, "Fowler! Who you got?" Instead of answering Bama. Or Clemson. Serena. Or Osaka... I can now tell them "I’ve got" a roster of great guests sharing their stories, passions, and life experiences.

This is not a sports podcast. But you’ll recognize many of them from the sports world. Wherever this pod takes us (into humor, wellness, music, travel, who knows?) I think you’ll find the topics intriguing and inspiring. But no politics! So thanks for listening. And here’s who I’ve got…

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Episode #41

What’s John McEnroe Really Like?

John McEnroe

I get that question a lot. The answer: deeper, wiser, funnier, more humble than you probably expect…. and just as big a rock star as the legends he hangs out with. Today I’ve got the…

Episode #40

Michael Symon

Michael Symon

Award winning chef, restauranteur, author, and TV personality shares entertaining stories on following his passion and pivoting wisely to become one of America’s favorite culinary stars. How hard lessons from his wrestling days forged this…

Episode #39

Marcus Freeman: Meeting The Moment

Marcus Freeman

Raised in a family of hard work, sacrifice, love, and respect prepared Notre Dame’s 36 year old first year head coach for the opportunity of a lifetime.How this New Era coach is pursuing a championship…

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