As a sportscaster at ESPN and ABC for more than three decades, I can’t tell you how many times a week someone asks me, "Fowler! Who you got?" Instead of answering Bama. Or Clemson. Serena. Or Osaka... I can now tell them "I’ve got" a roster of great guests sharing their stories, passions, and life experiences.

This is not a sports podcast. But you’ll recognize many of them from the sports world. Wherever this pod takes us (into humor, wellness, music, travel, who knows?) I think you’ll find the topics intriguing and inspiring. But no politics! So thanks for listening. And here’s who I’ve got…

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Episode #38

An Extraordinary Comeback: Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar

After years of suffering physically and mentally, the beloved NFL legend found his unique path back to a healthy and fulfilling life, after a near death experience provided an epiphany.

Episode #37

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Dan Lerner

Thought provoking, helpful tools for discovering and using your character strengths, improving relationships, making stress work for you, and many more ideas for creating a passionate and fulfilling life. Author, inspirational speaker, NYU professor (and…

Episode #36

Andrés Cantor: Behind The Goooooooal!

Andrés Cantor

Swapping stories with an iconic commentator on the art of play-by-play. What fuels his lifelong passion for soccer, his unlikely career path, and his most amazing calls.

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